Wpf listview binding observablecollection not updating dating sites opening with ip

Whats bugging me is that , if it works when i add values in the constructor then why it doesnt work if i add values in the some method .

I am using MVVM Light , Message From Main will get called when I have the forcast conditions available .

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My Object Class (Observable Object is just a base class that implements INotify Poperty Changed) For some reason this does not update the UI of the second listbox.List View gets updated if i add items to observable Collection in the View Model`s constructor but not if i do it in some method after i get callback .I have spend a lot of time on Stackoverflow and i know there are many related questions but i could not find answer .Please explain the reason why Example 2 does not work even though I use the same concept of Observable Collection as in Example 1.The following are codes of Example 1 that work as I expect.The problem is my normal bindings are updated, hoever the listview isn't updated at all, while the Clients Grouped is indeed updated upon object inspection.I've also updated it with the VM now, however please note that I only posted the relevant information.Things like error handling and else have been omitted.I am just starting with MVVM and have hit a hurdle that I hope someone can help me with.I have a CLog Entry model class which basically wraps a string.My Problem is that the list does not show any data.

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