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“I certainly wouldn’t be the guy standing in the way of that,” Reynolds said.

“That would be great.” There are clues in “Deadpool” that its hero is just as interested in men as he is in women, but they are often handled with a wink rather than occupying a major plot line.

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I've read what most would consider all of classic spidey and I still enjoy his relationship with Silk.

” Peter called around the park, voice already hoarse. ” There was no response, and he bit back tears as he kept searching. The past week had been more than hectic--at every turn, it seemed like there was a villain that needed to have their ass handed to them by Spider-man, and it was usually when he was meant to be studying.

He’d been forced to stay up well past his desired bedtime for nights, and he only managed to catch an hour or two of sleep at dawn before he had to get up and get on with his day.

No one on this thread has been able to put up a good argument of what's wrong with casual sex between consenting adults.

It's like everyone has this idea that Peter is this perfect person which is totally untrue.

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